Three steps to your 3D part
The wizard shows you how easy it is to manufacture even 3D parts at fabberhouse.

All the steps required will be explained and videos are provided to offer additional help. Suitable links to the free software required for this supplement the offer.

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Current color/layer/printer
All orders placed today will be constructed in the color Ivory with 0,254 mm layer thickness.
Available printer: HP DesignJet Color and Dimension SST 1200es

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The color calendar gives you an overview when production will take place using the color you have selected.
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fabberhouse – cost-effective, professional 3D printing

The 3D printing service is really for everyone who would like to be in control of converting 3D data into plastic ABS parts at an almost unbeatable price.

Be the manufacturer of your own ideas. It's pure child's play to make a 3D print of a plastic article. Thanks to the use of ABS, which is thermoplastic, the 3D items produced retain their shape, have a long life and provide good impact resistance.

Your fabberhouse orders can be processed quickly, thanks to the high capacity of 3D printers and our many years of experience with professional 3D printers.

The fabberhouse process

Create a print file from your 3D data, send this to fabberhouse and a quotation will be sent to you immediately. A cubic centimeter of material costs just €0.49 incl. VAT!
If you choose the EXPRESSLine option, your 3D print order will start within just five hours.


Payment via credit card or PayPal will release your 3D print order and it will go into production. fabberhouse, your 3D print service provider, does not have a minimum order amount. So there is nothing to hold up your 3D part. You will be informed of how your order is progressing and when it will be shipped via the website.

fabberhouse is the value-for-money solution for anyone who wishes to print high-quality three-dimensional plastic parts simply and cost effectively in 3D.

  Here, you can find a few interesting links to software that makes working with fabberhouse easier.

HP Designjet 3D Software Solution more...
Software Treiber zur Vorbereitung der STL-Dateien für den HP Designjet 3D Color Printer, zur Erzeugung der CMB-Dateien

Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Personal Edition more...
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Personal Edition (PE), ehemals CoCreate Modeling PE, ist die erste kostenlose direkte 3D-CAD-Software der Welt.